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International Talks

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The International Talks are open to all students, colleagues and interested persons, especially including international students. In the winter semester 2021/22, the International Talks focus on perspectives from South Africa, Kosovo and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

On the basis of an overarching question on the topic of „Human Rights – Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challenges“, the first part introduces individual aspects from different perspectives and puts them up for discussion. In the second part, students have the opportunity to share their experiences and questions on the topic and meet each other in the sense of “story telling” in digital group rooms. The International Talks offer deeper insights into issues of social work, diaconal science and religious education.

The International Talks are organized by colleagues of the AG Global Learning in Protestant Universities in Germany, the OTH Regensburg, the University of Pristina as well as the Faculty for Islamic Studies in Pristina. The registration takes place via the systems of the respective university, which send interested students and employees the corresponding link for the event.

Joint organizers

Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg, Friedensinstitut Freiburg, Arbeitsstelle Globales Lernen an Evangelischen Hochschulen


  • Do, 14.10.2021, 17 Uhr: “This Place Belongs to Us Too”: Female Refugees and Migrants in South Africa and Placemaking (Dr. Faisal Garba, Capetown and Prof.in Dr.in Isabelle Ihring)
  • Mo, 25.10.2021, 17 Uhr: Social Work in Post-War Reconstruction (Prof. Dr. Njomza Llullaku, Kosovo and Prof. Dr. Ruth Seifert)
  • Mi, 24.11.2021, 17 Uhr: The Role of Human Rights in Social Work and the Global Social Work Ethics (Prof. Dr. Kristin Sonnenberg and Dr. Luqman, Kurdish Region of Iraq)
  • Mo, 13.12.2021, 17 Uhr: Every child has a right to religion: Religious education as human rights perspectives Kosovo and Germany (Prof. Dr. Hamiti, Kosovo and Prof. Dr. Katja Baur)
  • Do, 20.01.2022, 17 Uhr: Waiting and uncertainty in the context of European migration governance after 2015 – perspectives from Norway (Dr.in Kari Drangsland, Norway and Prof. Dr. Andreas Mayer)


Please find the registration terms  below for the Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg, for the other Universities please have a look in the programme (Download).

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European migration governance after 2015 – perspectives from Norway

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