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Internationalisation – prepared for a world of diversity

Internationalisation is actively engaged in throughout the whole university – for international and intercultural competencies are essential for (almost) everyone nowadays, not only when planning to work abroad. All Bachelor programmes include the option of theory- and practice-oriented semesters of study, as well as internships or short programmes to be carried out abroad.

We cooperate with around twenty partner universities worldwide: such as in Belém, Copenhagen, Seville or Vienna. The Bachelor programme Social Work offers the special certificate “International Social Work”.

Students opting for the additional qualification RECOS – a cooperation between universities from the Germany / France / Switzerland tripoint – will gain knowledge about the political, economic, legal and social situation in our neighbouring countries as well as about challenges that social work and education are currently facing.

Financial support for studying abroad

So that studying abroad doesn’t leave you strapped for cash, we offer financial support in the form of various scholarships or grants: ERASMUS+, Baden-Württemberg scholarships and PROMOS.


Students completing their degree in Germany without an integrated study abroad programme are still able to gain international and intercultural experiences at our university: we invite lecturers and students from partner universities to Freiburg on a regular basis, as well as experts from foreign companies and institutions, which allow them to share their perspectives and worldviews with us in seminars and lectures.

Students with an immigrant background – diversity wanted!

The International Office of the university gives advice and support to students with an immigrant background and to students from abroad. Our special offers include: support by student tutors and lecturers, seminars “German for non-native speakers” and special scholarships from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Internationalisation strategy 2021 – 2030

Aspects of the internationalisation at the EH Freiburg

Of fundamental importance is …

… internationalisation committed to sustainability

  • Scientific debates focus on global developments that have gained in importance and will con-tinue to do so.
  • Teaching, research and transfer focus on exemplary developments that have a global impact on social and ecological living conditions.
  • The possibility of future changes engendered by one’s own profession represent fundamental perspectives for action (transformation science) .

… cross-border research

Global issues are reflected in research projects with international partners that are located in diverse contexts, make international comparisons and take multiple perspectives into account.

… developing the digitalisation of the university

  • In the wake of the corona pandemic, the university enhanced its digitisation technologies in the areas of teaching, research, further education and administration. The members of the university will make systematic use these new possibilities to organise their contacts with partner universities and organisations.

… a multidimensional language policy

  • Selected courses are offered in English.
  • The information on the website is also available in English, which helps potential foreign stu-dents to decide to study at the EH Freiburg.

… diverse university life

  • Students benefit from the dynamics offered by an internationalised university that is socially, culturally and religiously diverse, both with regard to knowledge acquisition and personal development.