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The “HAW” Professorship

Not everyone is aware of the advantages of a professorship taken at a university of applied sciences (in German: “Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften” or “HAW”). From working in a self-determined manner, setting your own priorities in teaching, combining theory and practice, inspiring young people for your specialist field to taking pleasure in your work and developing your own research profile, a “HAW” Professorship is one of the best ways to turn your profession into your vocation.

“The special feature of the universities of applied sciences (HAW) in the subjects of the social and health sectors is that we not only impart knowledge and tools, but also always work on questions of personal attitude”, says Prof. Dr. Stefanie Engler.

Please find more information about all the opportunities available on the website of the HAW-Professorship (for all german HAW) and on our own website of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg.