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Research as Prerequisite for a University

The university has specialised in three key research areas: gender research, childhood education as well as civil society and demographic change. Our university is home to FIVE – Forschungs- und Innovationsverbund an der Evangelischen Hochschule e.V. (Research and Innovation Group at the Freiburg Protestant University), the largest research institution in the social sector at universities of applied sciences throughout Germany. Our lecturers also conduct research outside of FIVE – partly at cooperation institutes, such as the Akademie für soziales Wohnen (Academy for social housing) or the Freiburger Institut für Menschenrechtspädagogik (FIM) – Freiburg Institute for Human Rights Education.

Five institutes are united under the umbrella of FIVE e.V.:

  • AGP Sozialforschung (Alter. Gesellschaft. Partizipation.) – AGP Social Research (Age. Society. Participation);
  • ITB – Institut für Interdisziplinäre Theologie und Beratungsforschung (Institute for Interdisciplinary Theology and Counselling Research;
  • SoFFI F. – Sozialwissenschaftliches Frauenforschungsinstitut Freiburg (Social Science Women Research Institute Freiburg);
  • ZfKJ – Zentrum für Kinder- und Jugendforschung (Centre for Child and Youth Research);
  • zze – Zentrum für zivilgesellschaftliche Entwicklung (Centre for Development in Civil Society).

More information at: EH Freiburg – Forschungsverbund FIVE e.V.

Applied empirical research in a broader social context takes on a central role in the university’s research profile. Individual projects are based around theoretical research (e.g. political science or basic theory of social work). Occasionally, projects are realised within the context of basic research, e.g. relating to gender issues or theological subjects.

Linking science and practice

A close relationship between research and teaching is maintained by transferring research results and by involving students into research projects, while research competencies form an integral part of what is taught. Our research-experienced teachers have established a long-standing reputation as nationally and internationally sought after research partners. Our university is very well connected with businesses in the field of social work / social pedagogy, childhood education, protestant social welfare and religious education on a regional and national level, out of which long-term collaborations between science and practice have developed that aspiring social scientists can benefit from during and after completion of their planned doctorates.

Great innovative power

Our innovations concerning research issues rank very highly and have been pre-empted at the EH Freiburg many times in the past, long before they have been fully caught onto in politics and in society as a whole, and will continue to do so – e.g. on the subjects resilience or care in old age / caring communities.