Protestant university of applied sciences Freiburg

Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg; Marc Doradzillo 2016



  1. State-accredited 

    We have been a state-accredited university since 1971.

    The German Council of Science and Humanities has rated our educational quality as excellent. All programmes of study are accredited.  

  2. Close contact between students and lecturers 

    We are a small university with around 1000 students. We still take great care to foster a close contact between students and lecturers, avoiding anonymous and impersonal mass events and overcrowded lectures!  

  3. Practical training 

    With our hands-on practical training, we ensure a fast career entry: 89% of our graduates have entered into employment within a year after graduating.  

  4. Research on an international level 

    Our research is carried out on an international level under the umbrella of FIVE – Forschungs- und Innovationsverbund an der Evangelischen Hochschule e.V. (Research and Innovation Group at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg), with the key research areas revolving around gender research, childhood education, civil society and demographic change.  

  5. Further education 

    We also have a lot to offer for professionals: Masters degree programmes, certified advanced education, qualifications and symposiums.  

  6. Doctorate 

    We make obtaining a doctorate possible: through cooperation with universities and universities of education.


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