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Women As a Bridge to Religious Awareness. A Social Work Case Study

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05.01.2023  17:00h - 18:30h

Donnerstag, 05.01.2023, 17 Uhr

„Women As a Bridge to Religious Awareness. A Social Work Case Study“
Dr.in Rebecca Ranz, School of Social Work, Sapir Academic College, Israel and Prof.in Dr.in Franziska Wächter, EH Dresden

Religion and spirituality (R/S) are fundamental resources that serve populations as they cope with life challenges and stresses. Schools of social work prepare future professionals to address life challenges and stresses, yet attention to both religion and spirituality as key resources to address these challenges is not integral to mainstream social work education. This current state of affairs raises questions whether future social work professionals, the majority of whom are women, are prepared to address these resources with their clients. Research shows that religious female students bring awareness and allowed discourse where it was prohibited (home & family) but are silenced/silence (about their religion) in the academia. In addition, social workers (mainly women) even though they have positive attitudes towards R/S, they hardly engage in integrating client’s religion and spirituality in practice.One of the ways of integrating R/S in the academia and practice is through the Havruta, an intervention tool that integrates spirituality and religion in practice and develops “self-awareness ”.

Dr.in Rebecca Ranz (PhD.) is Senior Lecturer and International Programs Coordinator for the School of Social Work at the Sapir Academic College. Her main areas of research: Religion, Spirituality & Social Work and International Social Work.

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